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Caring for Your Purse

How should I care for my purse?

To keep your purse looking pretty, clean with a soft cloth and 70% rubbing alcohol or an unscented baby wipe to clean away any dirt or spills. Then, buff it with a soft dry cloth to prevent any streaking or watermarks. Any sticky spots can be cleaned away with GooGone or a similar cleaner then use the 70% rubbing alcohol to remove reside. We do not recommend washing your bag. Please use good judgment and handle it with care. When not using your Cthru Purse, keep it stored in the provided dust bag.

My purse is flat/wrinkled, what should I do?

Sometimes in shipping the bags get a little bent out of shape. To remove the wrinkles from your purse, gently apply low heat from a hairdryer or to bring the bag back to life stuff it with a small towel or washcloth to reshape it as well as adding a low heat.

We do not assume responsibility for any damage done to bags from the advice provided. All individual appliances have different heat settings and bags may react differently to heat.